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  • Desarrolla las actividades para luego ser socializadas.
Escriba en ingles el presente y el pasado de lo siguientes verbos:
  • COMER 
  • NADAR 

Lee el artículo  Speaking vs Listening y luego traduzca y responda las preguntas

It often appears that we have more to gain by speaking than by listening. One big advantage of speaking is that it gives you a chance to control others' thoughts and actions. Whatever your goal is, the key to success seems to be the ability to speak well. Another apparent advantage of speaking is the chance it provides to gain the admiration, respect, or liking of others. Finally, talking gives you the chance to release energy in a way that listening can't. In the same way, you can often lessen your anger by letting it out verbally.Many consider World War I to have been the first modern war, a total war where the civilian populations were deliberately endangered as a direct tactic of war, which has continued in all subsequent wars. While civilians have always died in wars, World War I made civilian casualties accepted and commonplace, from, for example, aerial bombardment. All aspects of the societies fighting were affected by the conflict, often causing profound social change, even if the countries were not in the war zone. 

1. According to the passage, speaking can result in ----.

A) increasing stress

B) decreasing anger

c) losing admiration of others        

2. As it is stated in the passage, speaking ----.

A) has advantages over listening

B) doesn't help one to release harmful emotions

C) like listening has many advantages

Cuál de las siguientes frases está en progresivo

a) She is eating Eggs

b) She is sad

c) She played yesterday

d) She irons Today

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